The smooth, hypnotic rhythm, The subtle ebb and flow, That calm and placid exterior Belies a turbulent nature   Be wary of the slow pull The slight tug of immediate Gratification Alluring, at first And at times, satisfying   For those are the devices Used to attract the senses And inflate the ego The false... Continue Reading →


For every soul That has drawn a breath A song has been written It is our secret birthright Unknown even to us Some songs are Rich, imbued with An eldritch melody While some are Somber in tone Reminiscent of a Church hymn Others Have the rhythm And meter of a sonnet Or the slow grace... Continue Reading →


Swirling- Like a dizzying Destructive maelstrom Of unresolved emotions Spinning, twirling, Undulating Like a flock Of excited starlings, A cacophony of sounds And beating wings Turbulence Affects my equilibrium While impairing My judgment I flail... Chaos without, Pummeling me... Turmoil within, Buffeting me... Until I'm prone And disoriented Again taken up Through both sound And... Continue Reading →

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