Under falls’ darkening sky
I struggle with this transition
From the sultry heat of summer
To the temperate cool of autumn
Like equal parts day and night
Loves’ equinox strikes a delicate balance
Between uncertainty and commitment…

That beautiful but angst ridden dance
Of courtship had me appear the amateur,
Clumsy and inelegant, lacking
The rhythm and grace to keep
Our dance in sync
My fear of vulnerability was the reason
For my missteps

Love, a choice,
Is sometimes difficult to cultivate
But cultivate it I have; and with you
It has flourished
In all things you have been perfect
Only the mistakes were mine

…propelled by a breeze as brisk
As fleeting thoughts
Leafs of gold and vermilion hues
Fall from outstretched limbs
Like an admission of surrender;
By some trick of the wind
Or my besotted imagination,
They spell your name
As they settle upon the ground

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