Of Dreams and Fatherhood 

Isn’t it peculiar that I often
Remember you most vividly
In dreams…

Unbidden but welcome,
Your presence is a panacea
To my tired soul at rest
Your visits coincide with random,
But memorable events replayed from
Our past; from birthdays to holidays,
Vacations to graduations and all
Things in between

Upon reflection
Those dream scenarios have shown
Me how you, both subtly and directly,
Taught me the lessons of responsible
Adulthood, and that love in its masculine
Form though different, is still love;
Protective, nurturing, and demonstrative
And though the chasm between life and
death separates us, the strength of that
Love will never diminish

… this dream -those dreams-
Fade as I slowly surface
Towards consciousness
My father’s voice resonates like
A benediction, faint, at first, but growing
In clarity, convictions, and reassurance
“Be at peace and know that you are loved”

These words -those words- reverberate
Through my semi-conscious mind taking
Me to full wakefulness
My eyes damp from remembering opened
To just a hint of early morning light filtering
Through dark window shades

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