The smooth, hypnotic rhythm,

The subtle ebb and flow,

That calm and placid exterior

Belies a turbulent nature


Be wary of the slow pull

The slight tug of immediate


Alluring, at first

And at times, satisfying


For those are the devices

Used to attract the senses

And inflate the ego

The false appeal of shiny things

Of things that draw the eye

And overwhelm the flesh


Treading is dangerous

For you will conjure

The illusion of invincibility

Eventually, you will sink

And go under

Bound by an anchor fashioned

From desire and no discipline


If you are fortunate enough

To prevail against those snares,

It would be tantamount

To fighting for your very life


Prudence is the better

Part of wisdom

For glamour is often deceptive,

And like the ocean

All waters are deceptive

But calm, subtle waters are the most

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