Like a stream of slow Moving water A trickle... The small subtle Undulations Of mental inertia Descends At first Slightly undetectable Like a light wind Caressing drapes Or a lover after Intimacy, seducing me There is no desire Other than to sleep To shed this mind Of today's events Suddenly, I fight to Awaken this... Continue Reading →


Home and hearth as I remember it Is a figment of a wistful imagination, no longer a reality Reminiscing on that constant wheel of bittersweet recollections Aimlessly, futilely trying to recapture a past long gone Eagerness for a return to an era, a time... Towards a place that nostalgia has abandoned Home, that Home, is... Continue Reading →


What of this noxious malady That is neither airborne, Nor communicable, yet Is highly contagious A contaminate blood-borne Has become our unique inheritance This is peculiar, for There are no physical Markers, no telltale Signs, no deformities, No twisting of limbs, Or wasting away Of the flesh Like the wind, You can't see it But... Continue Reading →


Under falls' darkening sky I struggle with this transition From the sultry heat of summer To the temperate cool of autumn Like equal parts day and night Loves' equinox strikes a delicate balance Between uncertainty and commitment... That beautiful but angst ridden dance Of courtship had me appear the amateur, Clumsy and inelegant, lacking The... Continue Reading →

Of Dreams and Fatherhood 

Isn't it peculiar that I often Remember you most vividly In dreams... Unexpected, Unbidden but welcome, Your presence is a panacea To my tired soul at rest Your visits coincide with random, But memorable events replayed from Our past; from birthdays to holidays, Vacations to graduations and all Things in between Upon reflection Those dream... Continue Reading →

Waiting Room

Four corners Four walls And no windows One door One knob And no locks Five senses Five years And no reason... Tethered by Fear and uncertainty Paralyzed by an Imagination gone haywire Your freedom is Directly related to The amount of courage You can muster At some point You will tire Of holding yourself Hostage,... Continue Reading →


Her influence Is as bright As a thousand suns, Luminous His influence, Not as bright Dim, in fact But just as powerful Separate in their solo Trajectories circling, Sometimes weaving In and out Never physically meeting But aware of The others presence On rare occasions Intersecting, Her light brilliant His darkness profound Energies both Loud... Continue Reading →


The smooth, hypnotic rhythm, The subtle ebb and flow, That calm and placid exterior Belies a turbulent nature   Be wary of the slow pull The slight tug of immediate Gratification Alluring, at first And at times, satisfying   For those are the devices Used to attract the senses And inflate the ego The false... Continue Reading →

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